A new generation of advertising

CAMVIZ-CARDS - is a new generation of advertising. A user, using the CamViz application creates a video. Shares it in his social network page. And we put in his video your ad.

A thousand postcards CamViz-Cards -it is a thousand of your commercials on thousands of pages in social networks. And tens of thousands of views.

We print postcards with your ad and CamViz QR-code, We distribute them to your potential clients, User writes(or draws) a message/greeting on the postcard, CamViz application creates a video clip whithout a hand and a pen, CamViz top your ad up into the video clip and places the video to the user's FB page

Why is CamViz more efficient than conventional advertising media

  • The platform for CamViz advertising - are thousands of user-pages in social networks. And they themselves share videos with your advertisements.
  • CamViz- is a new and unusual format that will draw attention to your ads.
  • A user creates a video. He is involved in the publicity contact and be sure to remember your ad.
  • Videos with your advertisements will be seen by all your friends and visitors of the page in social networks.
  • Videos are published on the pages of the users and they will be viewed many times.

Why would a user create a video with your advertisements

CamViz - is an opportunity to create videos. You can write a greeting to a friend or to your family. You may create with your own hands a message from another city. Or just draw a nice animation and send it to your friends in the social networks.

CamViz - is a new, unusual format for creating posts in social networks. And it will attract a lot of attention to your advertisements. Especially by young people, who love all new and unusual.

How would a card with your advertisements get to your customers

  • Our partners network of stands on which cards are laid out in an easy approach. It is more than 730 stands in Moscow, 430 in St. Petersburg and as well as a network of stands in 28 cities in Russia. This are cafes, clubs, restaurants, shopping malls.
  • This is direct mailing according to your base of customers and partners. We will prepare for your mailing branded envelopes and do nominal inscriptions on each card. This is an unusual and contemporary way to congratulate your customers with holidays or just remind about yourself
  • You also can use CamViz postcards at various exhibitions to attract visitors to your stand and for everyone, who had been at the show, many times return to your advertisements.

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