Download the app to your smartphone / tablet

Follow the instructions

Step 1
Install on your smartphone the CamViz application and run it.

Step 2
Press (+) / new record - the camera would get turned on - bring it over the QR-code of the card. A red button for recording will appear when the application recognizes the code.

Step 3
Set your smartphone over the postcard so, that the camera captures the drawing area. The smartphone should be fixed. Do not hold it in your hand, use a glass, a book or some other objects nearby.

Step 4
Press the record button and start drawing. Write only in the frame for drawing!

Step 5
Take a pen with colorful ink or a felt-tip pen (do not use pale colored pencils).

Step 6
When you finish your painting press stop and wait, while CamViz transforms your creation into a cartoon.

Step 7
Ready? Add a comment and Publish - the app would send your cartoon in to your social network.

Tips for beginners!

1: If the table has a light color - put under the postcard something dark.

2: Before you press stop - remove from the area for drawing your hand and the pen. Everything that had been left in the last frame, will remain in the video after processing!

3: Be making pauses for a while and remove your hand out of the area. Then the drawing will be appearing gradually - as you drew it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which mobile device can be used?
To use the CAMVIZ service you need a smartphone or tablet, which has a video camera and an access to the Internet.

Where can I get a card with a special code?
In the places of it's distribution. Where to get a code.

There is a message of a weak online, what should I do?
Check the Internet connection on your device and resume the session.

Where can I draw on the postcard?
You must draw in a special area for drawing, it's located in a square frame.

What will happen if all the markings do not get in to the lens of the camera?
The video camera's lens should get all the markings - it is an area for writing (a square whith markers) and the bar code. Otherwise, there is a likelihood of getting a distorted animation.

My animation turned to be distorted what did I do wrong?
Make sure that your device is on a stable construction that does not create any vibrations during the video recording and as well eliminate all the movements of the sheet. It is advisable during the writing to tear off the hand of the paper, allowing the camera to capture what was written.

If you still have questions, then